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Thee MVPs

With a reputation as the best live band in London, and a gig list longer than The Old Testament, Thee MVPS are preparing to uncage their indefatigable garage-rock sound through the release of single American Dreamin', available to stream and download now via Big Indie Records. ​ Fusing the raw 60’s Detroit rock sound made famous by the likes of MC5 with the sweaty, three chord punk-inspired deftness associated with The Mooney Suzuki, American Dreamin sees Thee MVPS snarl and prowl with a skittishness usually reserved for rockstars from a bygone era. Indeed, American Dreamin’s raucous, in-your-face style should be a marker for every rock band across the country, as Thee MVPS proudly drag good old fashioned rock and/or roll kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. ​ Thee MVPS have just returned from a tour across the UK on a sold out run of shows with LA’s Flat Worms(Castle Face Records), adding to an already impressive supporting cast previously including Cosmonauts, Night Beats, together Pangea, Twin Peaks, The Parrots, Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes, Ty Segall, Meatbodies, METZ, Dead Meadow, and many, many more. Now, with American Dreamin' dropping on Independence Day, a launch show at DIY’s Big Indie Big Nights on 11th July, and a run of shows in Brighton, Margate and Birmingham confirmed, The MVPS are ready to rock your world. 
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